Activities & Amusements

The festival has an exciting and fresh new line up of attractions and amusements for kids, teens and adults in 2023, with a couple of old favourites for nostalgia! 

This year we have put the focus on sports and the imagination.  Kids will be able to run through the Mega Extreme obstacle course, fly on the chair-o-plane, get some ball sport action with the soccer darts and basketball games, try out their circus tricks with the Dreaming Space, get their dancing legs moving in the silent disco, have their faces painted and interact with a bundle of activities supplied by Festive Tribe. 

There is something for everyone and still only $10 for a hand stamp.


Tennis try outs for the little kids with the UB Tennis Club

Scouting activities set up on the old tennis court

Animals of Oz

Mini Golf

Roving musician, buskers and stage acts

Motorbike Display

Ash Wednesday Exhibition

Silent Disco(1)Festive Tribe gamesriver scape Festive TribeMega Xtremethe dreaming space

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